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Food connects people, and that was the ingredient that Leonie Anholts, recent graduate of Academie Artemis, wanted to explore in her graduation project.

The Anatomy Of A Recipe is a variation on the good old-fashioned domino game. By playing this game, you decide what’s for dinner. Each tile represents a recipe, captured in a recipe book. The first player to use all his tiles wins and decides, with its winning piece, which recipe will be made. The Anatomy Of A Recipe is an social game, with the intention to (re)connect people in their daily lives.


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With our busy and demanding lifestyles, it's hard to find the time to gather around the table. This game is intended to bring the social element to dining back into our lives.


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Graduated from the Academie Artemis, Leonie Anholts designed the “The Anatomy of A Recipe” for a studies project : it’s a domino game that decides what we’ll eat for dinner. Each tile represents a recipe to follow from a cook book. The first player who has used all his tiles wins and choses the recipe according to the last domino he played.

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